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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Qello: Bringing the concert experience to your big screen

Guest post from Qello
I’m more stoked than ever for the little shindig I’m throwing at my apartment this Saturday night. I’ve got my Google TV loaded with the Qello app and I’m ready to create an intimate concert right in my pad. I think I’ll choose Widespread Panic at Red Rocks, but then again maybe we’ll kick it old school with RUN DMC Live at Montreaux. Nah, I’m going to create my own concert setlist. 

So who’s this Qello anyway? Think of him as your friend who delivers the best live music experience whenever and wherever you want it. 

From screens small to large, the Qello state-of-the-art streaming HD concerts films application is now available across the Google ecosystem, meaning, we’re on Android smartphones, Honeycomb tablets, and now for the best live music experience you can get us on your big screen with Google TV. 

Whether you’re a little bit country or a little bit rock n roll, there’s something for everyone. We’ve got the largest library of HD concert films in the world, from the hottest new shows to an extensive vault of legendary concerts and amazing music documentaries. 

And with Qello Setlists, you can build your own dream show from thousands of hours of HD concert footage. For my soiree this weekend, I’m might kick it off with a little Frank Zappa, followed by the Pixies, then maybe get our hip hop on with some tracks from the classic Up In Smoke tour.

Google TV is the ultimate platform for the Qello experience, whether you want to entertain guests with an HD concert or just chill out and watch one of our award-winning documentaries.

And we promise to keep on keeping on so we’re always adding new titles to our library. But in the words of Cheap Trick - I want you to want me – so please let us know what you think below. 

You can find Qello in Android Market for Google TV.

Matt Carona, VP of Product, Qello

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Buddy TV: Find what you want to watch in less than 20 seconds

Guest post from Buddy TV
At BuddyTV, we know how hard it is to find what to watch with your cable provider and services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and others. You know the problem, there are a million things to watch but there’s nothing to watch right now. After a long day, you don’t want to spend twenty minutes scrolling through hundreds of channels and multiple applications to find what to watch. That’s why we built the BuddyTV Guide.

We make it easy for you to find what you want to watch in 3 ways.

1) Favorite your channels. If you’re like us, you only watch 10-15 channels, have your channel lineup only display those channels and not the hundreds of other channels that you never watch.

2) See your personalized recommendations. Based on what you’ve watched before, your personalized guide shows you the shows you can watch right now that you’ll most likely want to watch.

3) See everything. Don’t worry, you can still view everything if you enjoy channel-surfing as some of us do. You’ll never miss any programs that are available to you.

We’re very excited to be on Google TV. If you have an iPhone, be sure to download the BuddyTV Guide app. We’ve built an incredible integration with Google TV that allows you to use your iPhone (soon on Android phones) as a remote to control your Google TV. You can use the phone to:

Turn on your TV, tune your set-top box, control your AV equipment.
Use Tap-to-Tune. You can select a show to watch on the app and it will immediately tune your set-top box or your Google TV to the program you want to watch.
Participate in viewing parties and see more detailed data on the shows you are watching.
Do everything that is available on the BuddyTV Guide app on the Google TV.

Personally, Google TV and the BuddyTV Guide app have transformed how I consume content in my living room. I hope that you’ll experience the same!

Download the BuddyTV Guide App here in the Android Market.

Andy Liu, CEO,

Monday, December 26, 2011

Crunchyroll: Watch Anime and Asian Drama on Google TV

Guest post from Crunchyroll

(A series highlighting the most interesting new apps available for Google TV)
For all the anime and Asian drama fans out there, our Crunchyroll app has been optimized for the TV. The app allows both free and premium members to watch their favorite shows on big screens powered by Google TV. 

For those of you who are wondering what anime is, it is the Japanese abbreviation of animation. Different from Western-style cartoons mostly targeted to children, Japanese anime appeals to both younger audiences with light, G-rated content and to adults, with more complicated, mature themes. 

Crunchyroll has hundreds of Japanese anime titles and Asian dramas, across a myriad of genres – from shonen to shojo; fantasy to slice-of-life drama. The app also has simulcast titles  for the latest season (available usually an hour after first broadcast in Japan)

My personal favorite is Gosick, a series full of mystery, history, and romance. O
ne of the biggest titles we have is Naruto Shippuden, which is the No. 1 anime series worldwide. Directed by Hayato Date and produced by Studio Pierrot and TV Tokyo (who is also our strategic investor), you can watch new episodes every Thursday at 3:00 am PST right here on the Crunchyroll app on Google TV. 

There is no other streaming site out there that airs this fantastic series before we do, and it is amazing to see how the truly dedicated stay up to be first in line to watch it.

We also have hundreds of Asian dramas licensed from Korean, Chinese, and Japanese publishers. We have plenty great series for guys, like Behind the White Tower and High Kick.

To find out why Boys Over Flowers and Naruto Shippuden are so popular, download the Crunchyroll app to your Google TV now and start watching. 

A small prelude – we plan to provide 720p support early next year, so stay tuned…

Crunchyroll can be found in Android Market for Google TV.

Michelle Chen, Head of Product, Crunchyroll

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Big Picture from the Boston Globe

Guest post from The Boston Globe

(A series highlighting the most interesting new apps available for Google TV)

Every day, there are hundreds and sometimes thousands of photographs available to newspaper companies.  However, space allows only a small number to be displayed in print or online so much of this amazing photography does not reach a large audience.  Years ago, we at The Boston Globe and saw the value in these additional photographs -- and the stories that they told -- and created The Big Picture. 

The Big Picture is our popular photo blog, which can be found online at The Big Picture highlights news stories through photographs -- photographs that are high in quality and large in size. The photos that appear on The Big Picture take advantage of the maximum amount of screen real estate that is available and allows every detail of the photograph to be seen.

We are now very excited to bring The Big Picture to Google TV and allow our content to be seen on the largest screens found in today’s households – the television.

Now available in Android Market for Google TV, The Big Picture will immerse you in the middle of current news events from around the world. Now instead of crowding around a computer monitor or mobile device, the images from The Big Picture, which is updated multiple times per week, can be seen in all its glory and shared with friends and family while sitting around the TV. 

Domenic Vecchiarelli,

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Zynga goes ‘all in’ for Google TV

Guest post from Zynga

Attention card sharks: Zynga is raising the stakes and announcing the availability of Zynga Poker, the world’s largest free-to-play online poker game, on Google TV.

Zynga Poker gives players the option to play at any table, meet others from around the world or join friends for a game, choosing from casual Hold ‘Em tables, tournament play or VIP tables. Players interact with others by chatting, completing challenges and sending and receiving gifts, including poker chips for a truly social experience.

Zynga Poker was Zynga’s very first game and it continues to evolve by enabling players to hit the jackpot across multiple platforms including Google+ and Android devices, which now includes Google TV.

Especially optimized for playing poker from the comfort of your own couch, Zynga Poker for Google TV features custom graphics and a new way to control the game with the Google TV remote. Up the ante and play Zynga Poker from just about anywhere, whether you’re commuting to work or taking a break to connect with friends. Connect and play with your friends today!

Your friends at Zynga

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

bConnected with Ball State University on Google TV

Guest post from Ball State University

(A series highlighting the most interesting new apps available for Google TV)

College students love free stuff, whether it is pizza, t-shirts or gadgets.  They also want things to be quick, easy, and available 24/7.  When it comes to meaningful student services and the technology that power them, those desires seldom waiver.  To meet those expectations, Ball State University’s office of information technology is working hard to develop cutting-edge apps to provide easy access to information, eliminate the hassle factor in finding that information, and offer a rich and immersive experience.  

Enter bConnected, a free Android app for students to use on their mobile phones, tablets and most recently, Google TV.  We’ve got all screens covered!  

bConnected provides students real-time access to course schedules, student organizations, campus housing and upcoming events, with more features planned for release soon.  
More than a simple self-service app, bConnected helps students connect with everyone around them, including classmates, instructors, organization members, neighbors and advisors.  Using our core data and integrated systems, we are able to create, and push to the forefront, relationships between the people they interact with every day - relationships they may not have known existed.  

For instance, students sitting next to each other in BIO 100 might also be members of the same sport club. Or they both might live on the same floor in the residence hall.  And that great professor for English Lit also teaches creative writing next semester and serves as a faculty advisor.  

Google TV provides the perfect platform to showcase the social networking aspects of bConnected. To deliver this experience to students, Ball State just installed a stunning 46-inch Google TV in our brand new Tech Center, part of unified technology support.  The display allows students to gather around and interact with the app as it was intended – with their peers making connections. 
With help from our students, faculty and staff, we hope to find more inventive, inspiring and imaginative ways to incorporate Google TV in the classroom and other public spaces, enriching the campus experience and community.  

In the spirit of the Android platform and because universities like free stuff too, bConnected is available through the Google Code project hosting site as an open source project. Everything to build the project is included - the code base, sample database schemas, XML layouts, and an overview of the various bits and pieces.  We encourage other universities to explore the app and use it to jump start their own development efforts for Google TV.  To discuss how to get the ball rolling, contact us at

bConnected for Google TV is available in the Android Market, and for those not enrolled at Ball State, we’ve set up a demo account to check it out.  To access bConnected, just log in with bconnected as your username and demo for the password.

Kyle Parker, Senior Software Engineer, Ball State University

Monday, December 5, 2011

Droplets for Google TV – Time to Relax

Guest post from Ximad

(A series highlighting the most interesting new apps available for Google TV)

We at XIMAD are incredibly excited about the potential of Google TV. We have extensive experience developing beautiful and useful applications for iOS, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Phone and other platforms, but we think that Android and Google TV have the greatest potential.  With the recent addition of Android Market to Google TV, we can now develop one game that will work across all three screens.

Our Droplets app is already used by tens of thousands of Android phone users and we are really excited to get it onto TVs.  The game will allow you to challenge your mind and wake your spirit even if you are in the heart of the city.  Gather all the dew in one drop and relax to the sounds of a torrential forest.

You will be amazed by the graphics and the high definition; the objects on the screen come alive as you gathers droplets, while a ladybird seems to escape the screen when the level is accomplished.

With over 100 levels at increasing complexity, you will find hours of entertainment here. For those who tried their best but failed we implemented a series of hints.

Our company is dedicated to developing the very best Android apps. You can find Droplets, as long with all our other apps, in Android Market.  Droplets is XIMAD’s first project on Google TV, so we are very interested in your opinion, feel free to comment below.

The Droplets app costs 99¢ and can be found here in Android Market

Alex Pridorozhny, XIMAD Marketing Manager

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Watch only the best sports with Thuuz for Google TV

Guest post from Thuuz
(A series highlighting the most interesting new apps available for Google TV)
The thrill of watching sports comes from experiencing the suspense and drama as it unfolds.  At Thuuz, our mission has been to let sports fans know about great games they may be missing – and to get them into the game as often as possible. With its combination of live TV and online access, Google TV is kind of our Holy Grail. It gives us a platform to alert sports fans to great games, and provides more options than any other platform for actually watching those games.
Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Thuuz (as in “enthusiast”) monitors all the matches involving your favorite sports, leagues and teams. We process play-by-play feeds and other automated sources to generate an excitement rating between 0-100 for each game.  Factors include parity, pace, novelty, momentum and context.
Step 2. We alert you to the truly exciting performances with on-screen notifications.
Step 3. You can click to jump to the appropriate TV channel or streaming source for both live games and replays.
That’s it. It’s designed to be simple.

We’ve got a Google TV box hooked up to a wall-mounted TV at the office, so we can QA our excitement ratings from the couch.  It’s great for streaming ESPN3 games on the big screen instead of a laptop.  We also catch the best European soccer and rugby matches from the night before using   

We currently cover MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, NCAA football and basketball, MLS and 5 European soccer leagues, cricket and rugby.  There’s still plenty of work ahead to add more sports, features and content, plus individual athlete excitement alerts for your favorite players.  We’ll also be building out the personal preferences, as we’ve learned that each fan has his/her own take on what makes a game exciting.

The Thuuz app can be found here in Android Market.

Bill Bradford, COO & Co-founder, Thuuz

Friday, November 11, 2011


Guest post from NASCAR

(A series highlighting the most interesting new apps available for Google TV)

I am excited to announce the first official NASCAR application that has been optimized for the big screen experience – NASCAR.COM LIVE.  When I found out that Google was planning to extend the successful Android Market onto Google TV, I was encouraged by the evolution of the product and began brainstorming on how to make a cool product that NASCAR fans would enjoy.  

To me, NASCAR is a bold sport – its drivers are larger than life, the cars are faster than anything I can relate to, and the competitiveness is measured in milliseconds of granularity that is best viewed in HD.  When we started, we realized that this platform is, first and foremost, about video and so we wanted to put as much video content as we could into the app.  We then thought about how we would use the data we have to soothe some of the pain points of the live TV broadcast.  NASCAR.COM LIVE brings fans the best on-demand HD video clips of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Nationwide Series and the Camping World Truck Series.

When it comes to race day, the TV broadcasts do a great job but there are a number of ways that interactive features can add to the broadcast experience.  The scrolling ticker graphics that are used on TV are a nice way to keep up with the standings in real time but sometimes I really want to know where my favorite driver is.  And I want to know now, not wait until the ticker scrolls through all 43 drivers.  So, we added Live Leaderboard to the “Live mode” of the app to allow fans to scroll through the leaderboard as they wish. 

Another cool feature is our Lap-by-Lap text updates that build up into an archive throughout the race. This provides fans a great summary of the race and gives them a way to analyze on their own terms.  

When you pair Live Leaderboard and Lap-by-Lap with Google TV’s built in picture-in-picture feature then you’ve got a really cool way to watch the race that’s the perfect complement to the TV broadcast.

Finally we realize that the family room is a personal place and often times a social gathering for race events.  Perhaps half of the room has avid and loyal NASCAR fans but your other friends are new to the sport and want to learn more.  That’s why we wanted to put in beautiful high resolution photos of drivers, cars, team information, and use the NASCAR 101 section to teach the basics of the sport.  It’s a fun way to get hooked on racing.

I’m excited about Google TV and the app, but—as with any product—there are always opportunities to make it better. Check out NASCAR.COM LIVE and let us know how we can make the experience even better for you.

The NASCAR app can be found here in Android Market.

Jim Doeden, Associate Product Manager, NASCAR.COM

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Engadget, Huffington Post, TechCrunch and more all in one shiny new AOL HD app

Guest post from AOL
(A series highlighting the most interesting new apps available for Google TV)

AOL is a new entrant in the connected TV space, we launched our first apps on a handful of platforms over the summer and have been gaining momentum ever since. Our approach was to create an interactive environment that showcased our content and engaged users – yet was simple enough for a regular remote control.

Late this summer, we were invited to Google’s NY offices for a sneak peek at Google TV’s V2 and had the opportunity to test the upcoming release. The user experience was markedly improved and after playing around with it for a while, we knew that our friends in Mountain View had built a real contender in the connected TV space. So we enlisted the help of our crackerjack Android development team in Dulles to port our current release (with all the bells and whistles) to Google TV and in a matter of a few weeks, they delivered a shiny new experience for Google TV.

AOL HD on Google TV features three great channels of video content: Entertainment, Tech, and Home from some of the most trusted sources on the web like the Huffington Post, Engadget, Moviefone and TechCrunch. Each channel features HD videos with hundreds of videos with fresh new content being added every day, so there is always something new to watch.

If you watched the hundreds of hours of video on AOL HD and still need more entertainment, then sit back and find some new music on our CD Listening Party, a unique experience that allows users to listen to a weekly variety of 15-30 newly released albums for free!

You can find AOL HD in Android Market.  If you’d like to learn more or want to contact us, go to  

We look forward to entertaining you.

Rob Delacruz, General Manager, AOL HD

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Allrecipes TV helps families tackle “what’s for dinner?” on the best screen in the house

Guest post from Allrecipes
(A series highlighting the most interesting new apps available for Google TV)

All of us with a passion for cooking love it when everyone wants to know how we made it. Sharing our formula for a successful dish is one of the most gratifying experiences for any aspiring home cook. Even that secret recipe which eventually gets leaked, like my personally long held secret Coast-to-Coast Famous Wings recipe.

Nearing our 15th birthday, Allrecipes was started as a way to help people share their favorite recipes, and gather a community of home cooks passionate about practical, kitchen tested, everyday meals that lead to success at the dinner table.

Allrecipes TV showcases the passionate contributions of our members - you can see all of what our entire community of home cooks have been making and sharing, with tens of thousands of recipes, photos, reviews and everything you need to find the next winning meal for your family.

Allrecipes TV brings you “best of” collections - some of the favorite selections from our most popular categories of recipes. You are sure to find a winner among collections from Appetizers to Slow Cooker.

We also have a complete browse-by-category starting with Cuisine, Dish Type, Main Ingredient, Cooking Method, and Occasions.

Of course, every recipe comes packed with a photo gallery, member reviews and tips, and nutrition information. You can also share your favorite recipes via email, Facebook, Twitter or other avenues for social plug-ins you have installed on your Google TV.

Last, but not least, the most commonly requested “how to” videos for cooking techniques, entire recipes, as well as our growing library of web shows, including “What’s Cooking”. We’ll be adding more videos on a regular basis.

We hope you enjoy the app and find lots of great dishes to try, enjoy and share. We’re planning to continue to add new features and make the app even better, so please tell us what you’d like to see.

The Allrecipes app can be found here in Android Market.

Scott Scazafavo, VP Product Management,

Thursday, August 4, 2011

MeeGenius Transforms Your TV into an Educational Platform with Google TV

Guest post by MeeGenius!

It’s always hard to say no to your children - especially when they look at you with their pouting little faces. But it is always important to set limits, especially when it comes to reading vs. how much time they spend in front of the TV. Then it dawned on me, TV can be an educational tool. And when when reading can be done on the big screen, all my kids can participate at the same time. TV also expands the learning possibilities of a print book with additional interactive tools. To make this dream a reality, my husband and I built the MeeGenius! app for Google TV.

MeeGenius! brings books to life on the big screen with beautiful illustrations, narration, and word highlighting. The stories are narrated aloud while children follow along with pictures and highlighted text. The narration combined with the word-highlighting promotes early reading skills such as word recognition. The stories include old favorites such as The Gingerbread Man as well as newer titles.

MeeGenius came in handy one late afternoon when my kids were particularly restless and I was trying to get to the finish line on a project. With MeeGenius on Google TV, they could be occupied and educated at the same time! They read book after book, even reading some books multiple times. Later that evening, we read MeeGenius! together. It was the perfect bedtime reading companion.

My children now ask for the “MeeGenius! Channel” on our TV. With more educational apps available on TV, the TV has become an educational tool as well as an entertainment device. The educational opportunities for the TV are very exciting, and I can't wait to develop more of these experiences for the kids - mine and yours!

Wandy Yeap Hoh, Co-Founder